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Gap_Filler Now Available to the Public

January 6, 2008

About Gap_Filler
Originally developed for private use at The Children's Nature Institute, this plug-in has become so useful that we wanted to make it publicly available. Everything in Gap_Filler addresses a real business need at CNI, so it isn't bloated with features that merely sound nice but serve little purpose in the real world. Gap_Filler saves CNI development time, automates repetitive tasks, and creates a more intuitive and functional user interface for our staff.

Gap_Filler combines some of the best features of other plug-ins that would have cost CNI $175 or more per employee, along with features we haven't seen anywhere else, including:

* Dialogs with Limitless Items
* Pop-up Menus
* Hotkeys and Key Simulation
* Text/RegEx Search in Scripts (and elsewhere)
* Drawing
* Color Replacement
* Printer Automation
* Mouse Control
* Clipboard Control
* Regular Expression Search/Replace
* Hashing
* Variables
...and more!

You can purchase individual features or get them all for a discount. Please visit www.dracoventions.com/products/gap_filler/ to learn more and try out Gap_Filler for free. There's no limit to how long you can try it - just a nag dialog reminding you to buy it if you use it.