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Gap_Filler Adds Ability to Run SQL Queries Against FileMaker Data

March 22, 2008

Release notes for v1.256 for Windows

  • New GF_SQLExecute function performs SQL queries on FileMaker tables.
  • GF_Param() now changes \\ to \ and \¶ to ¶ in the value it returns. Previously, it would only change \" to ". This also allows you to use FileMaker's Quote("your parameter") to safely pass a parameter containing any character combination to a Gap_Filler function.
  • Replaced [ ] with " " to identify named parameters in all documentation.
  • Changed flags for GF_RegExMatch and GF_RegExReplace to descriptive words. Perl-style single-character flags will continue to work but are not documented and should be avoided so that people reading your scripts who don't know Perl are not confused.
  • Fixed bugs in manual that were caused by adding the version number to its name before each release.