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Searching in Scripts and Field Metadata Has Never Been Easier

March 8, 2009

Gap_Filler for Windows search has been extended to work within the "Manage Database" field metadata, and searching in scripts is more reliable in FM9 and FM10.

J.P., one of our users, says "I've used many tools, but this is so far the only development helper tool that I've found useful."

Also in the latest release:

* Create dialogs with variable numbers and types of controls by passing them all in a single string parameter.

* Read and write FileMaker-format stylized text clipboard data.

* Iterate through regular expression matches.

Coming soon: Macintosh port of Gap_Filler's drawing routines: Create arbitrary shapes and text such as tabbed menus shared by many layouts in different databases or fields that turn into buttons when empty.

About Gap_Filler
Originally developed for private use at The Children's Nature Institute, this plug-in has become so useful that we wanted to make it publicly available. Everything in Gap_Filler addresses a real business need at CNI, so it isn't bloated with features that merely sound nice but serve little purpose in the real world. Gap_Filler saves CNI development time, automates repetitive tasks, and creates a more intuitive and functional user interface for our staff.

Gap_Filler combines some of the best features of other plug-ins that would have cost CNI $175 or more per employee, along with features we haven't seen anywhere else, including:

* Dialogs with Limitless Controls
* Pop-up Menus
* Hotkeys and Key Simulation
* Search Inside Lists of Scripts, Database Metadata, and More
* Drawing Shapes and Text (create tabs shared among databases, etc)
* Color Replacement (make something red to indicate an error, etc)
* Printer Automation
* Easy Error Dialogs with Detailed Logging
* Progress Bar Dialog
* Change Mouse Cursor and Get Last Place Clicked
* Clipboard Control (read/write RTF, FM-styled text, etc)
* Regular Expression Search/Replace
* Hashing (SHA512, MD5, TR1, etc)
* Run SQL Statements
* Variables in FM7
...and more!

You can purchase individual features or get them all for a discount. Please visit www.dracoventions.com/products/gap_filler to learn more and try out Gap_Filler for free. There's no limit to how long you can try it - just a nag dialog reminding you to buy it if you use it.