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2empowerFM 1.51 Maintenance Release

January 31, 2010

Release notes for v1.51

  • Dialogs Unlimited: Changed the default font used on PC dialogs. The new font is identical except that it displays a wider range of unicode characters.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Scrolling text views now have a border.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: Turned on shadow effect beneath Mac Progress Bar dialog.
  • Dialogs Unlimited: You can no longer close PC FileMaker while a non-floating dialog is open.
  • Changed the look of the 2empowerFM Toolbox on Mac, making it smaller with its height dependant on which tab is selected. Turned on shadow effect beneath the toolbox.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac that occurred when 2empowerFM Preferences were opened when the 2empowerFM Toolbox had never been displayed.