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Layout Painter Adds Multi-Row & Scrolling Tabs to FileMaker

August 28, 2009

Dracoventions is pleased to announce the release of a new version of 2empowerFM Layout Painter that can draw tabs on any flat side of an area in a FileMaker Pro layout. Tabs of various colors and sizes, controlled by a single calculation and script, allow navigation between multiple layouts and databases.

An updated manual demonstrates multi-row tabs that use a single image for each tab row. Another example demonstrates using a calculated field to draw a single row of tabs with arrows that users can click to scroll additional tabs into view.

The manual also demonstrates how users can save money and reduce waste by printing on partial label sheets. Layout Painter draws label rectangles in Preview mode, interprets which labels the user clicks, and then draws a preview of which labels will be printed.

FileMaker developers can draw almost any text or shape on their layouts to show information in new ways or create easier-to-use interface elements. They can draw light-gray instructions in an empty field or draw a button over a field only when the field is empty.

Layout Painter can also change the color of any part of a FileMaker layout: It can match the color of the background to the color of some aspect of each record or make a round-cornered box red to warn of a condition.

"The ability to paint directly on layouts using scripts and calculations gives developers much greater freedom in the kinds of interfaces and information they can display," says Dracoventions founder, Chris Dragon.

2empowerFM Layout Painter works in FileMaker Pro 7 through 10 on both Windows and Macintosh. A single-user license costs $99 USD and international orders are welcome. Multi-user and developer licenses are available at a discounted price per user. This version is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased a compatible license within the last year. Visit http://paint.dracoventions.com to purchase or download a free 30-day trial.