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2empowerFM Plugin Suite is Go for Snow Leopard

September 3, 2009

Dracoventions is pleased to announce its line of 2empowerFM Plugins is now fully compatible with OSX 10.6, Snow Leopard. Only one incompatibility was discovered in Dialogs Unlimited and a fix was posted on Sept 3rd, 2009. This fix is a free upgrade to anyone who purchased a license in the last year. Visit empower.dracoventions.com to upgrade or begin a 30-day trial.

About the 2empowerFM Plugin Suite
Expand FileMaker's abilities, create a better user experience, and save development time with the 2empowerFM Plugin Suite. With the benefit of 25 years of software engineering experience, these plugins were internally developed over two years to serve the business needs of a real-world company. Now available to the rest of the FileMaker community with full-time development and support, these plugins are packed with features that empower your FileMaker solutions in so many ways:

* Search to find a string in the Script Manager or Define Database windows
* Create Dialogs with unlimited controls: buttons, stylized text, menus, and more
* Use global or per-layout hotkeys to start or resume scripts
* Draw on your layout to create conditional buttons, hints in empty fields, tabs, and more
* Show record type or warning conditions by re-coloring parts of your layouts
* Print "hands free" with scriptable printer selection and control of options
* Pop-up multi-level menus anywhere - use them to replace rows of buttons
* Regular expression search and replace in strings with advanced Perl-compatible syntax
...and much more.

For more information, visit www.dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM