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New Docs for Hands-Free Printer and More

September 4, 2010

Release notes for 2empowerFM v2.21

  • 2empowerFM v2.21, released September 4, 2010:
    • epConfig now takes Yes/No values as well as Y/N.
    • Updated for new Hands-Free Printer documentation.
    • All plug-ins will now load properly when your FileMaker path contains certain non-English language or other unicode characters. All plug-ins now have this fix applied and their version number incremented by 0.01.
    • Hands-Free Printer v2.2:
      • Re-wrote documentation and examples database.
      • All options now allow 'Yes' and 'No' values instead of just 'Y' and 'N'.
      • Added option to cancel print job.
      • Added an option to get a list of all paper size and source options for the selected printer.
      • Added an option to halt in the printer properties dialog to aid in debugging troublesome printers.