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2empowerFM Maintenance Release Focuses on Mac AutoUpdate

August 20, 2010

Release notes for v2.1

  • The parent 2empowerFM plug-in now maintains separate version information from child plug-ins (such as Dialogs Unlimited). Future releases of individual plug-ins will have only the version of the individual plug-in updated.
  • The version number of each plug-in is now included in that plug-in's name when displayed in FileMaker Pro and Server plug-in lists.
  • The epVersion function can now return versions for different plug-ins and it can return in "AutoUpdate" or "ForDisplay" formats.
  • Fixes to optional AutoUpdate of new plug-in versions from FileMaker Server to clients:
    • On Macintosh, the version number reported by epVersion will now always be correct after the script that runs AutoUpdate completes.
    • On Macintosh, fixed issues that could cause the plug-in to crash FileMaker when unloaded and re-loaded during FileMaker's "Auto Update" process. This only fixes auto-update of this version to future versions - the crash can still happen when older versions are auto-updated to this version. If FileMaker crashes, the AutoUpdated version will be successfully installed when FileMaker is restarted.
  • SQL Runner v2.1:
    • Created new HTML documentation and created a new examples database.
  • Dialogs Unlimited v2.1:
    • Spaces are now trimmed from the front and back of menu items, menu values returned, radio buttons, and radio button values returned.
    • A Menu control containing an item assigned that will return a blank value will now be shown by default when a value="" control parameter is included.
    • Improved documentation based on user feedback.
  • Menu Popper v2.1:
    • Spaces are now trimmed from the front and back of menu items and menu values returned.
    • Improved documentation based on user feedback.
  • Developer Assistant v2.1:
    • Improved documentation of Regular Expressions.