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Dialogs Unlimited 2.0 Adds over 90 New Features

July 27, 2010

Valley Village, CA -- Dracoventions announces the release of 2empowerFM Dialogs Unlimited 2.0 with over 90 new features and fixes since version 1.5.

2empowerFM Dialogs Unlimited is a FileMaker(R) Pro plug-in that makes it easy to display advanced dialogs in FileMaker. Users may add any number of controls to their dialogs, including stylized text, buttons, fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Dialog controls are automatically arranged according to official Apple and Microsoft Human Interface Guidelines, but users also have complete freedom to adjust control size, margins, which controls begin a new line of controls, and so on.

New Features in Version 2.0

- New controls:
Radio buttons, password fields, and multi-line text input fields of any size.

- Easier dialogs:
Now each control requires only two parameters - the control type and the text it should display.

- Automatic layout:
Each control will automatically align, size, line-break, and position itself in relation to the controls around it using official Apple and Microsoft Human Interface Guidelines.

- Increased flexibility:
There are now 80 optional named parameters to do things like adjust the size, margins, alignment, and position of controls or dialogs - even group controls to move together or become equal in size.

- Easy results:
Get results by referring to the control's text label or save control results directly to 2empowerFM variables.

- Overhauled documentation:
New, 77-page documentation gets users started quickly with step-by-step examples and plenty of screenshots. A second section demonstrates advanced features while an expanded FileMaker database contains even more examples.

- Screen-scaling support:
Dialogs Unlimited now provides full support for Windows DPI scaling on modern, high resolution displays. Dialog controls won't cut off text, wrap incorrectly, or display off-center like in every other dialog plug-in tested at high DPI.

"This release has blown people away. Everyone is amazed by how easy and powerful version 2.0 is. Compared to version 1.5, it's like a whole new plug-in." - Chris Dragon, Dracoventions

Existing Features

- Floating dialogs:
Users may create multiple dialogs that float above FileMaker and contain instructions, links to more information, or buttons that launch scripts.

- Stylized text:
Dialogs may include stylized text with support for custom fonts, bold, italic, color, bullet lists, margins, indents, and so on.

- Pop-up menus:
Menu controls in dialogs can pop up single or multi-level menus.

- Keyboard shortcuts:
Keyboard shortcuts can activate buttons and toggle checkboxes.

- Progress bar:
A progress bar dialog can be used to give users an idea of how much longer a script will take. The progress bar also includes a cancel button the script can use to gracefully stop its processing.

Pricing and Availability

2empowerFM Dialogs Unlimited 2.0 is available immediately at dialog.dracoventions.com.

This is a free upgrade for those who purchased a license within the last year. Dialogs Unlimited starts at $59 for a single user and now features lower prices for multiple users and an unlimited-user option. Other plug-ins in the 2empowerFM family start at $19 and some are absolutely free.

Developer licenses are also available. Fully functional, 30-day demo copies can be downloaded with no sign-up required.

About Dracoventions

Dracoventions is located in Valley Village, CA, and is focused on empowering FileMaker Pro with innovative plug-ins that expand FileMaker's abilities, create a better user experience, and save development time.

With over 25 years of software engineering experience, company founder Chris Dragon was inspired by the business needs of his employer to create the 2empowerFM Family of Plug-ins. These plug-ins include Developer Assistant, Dialogs Unlimited, Hands-Free Printer, Text Toolkit, and many others. These plug-ins are now available to the world-wide FileMaker community at www.dracoventions.com.


Chris Dragon, Dracoventions Founder

Email: support@dracoventions.com
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