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Developer Assistant Search Improved

September 5, 2011

Release notes

  • The correct language strings are now set up when plug-ins are uninstalled and installed without restarting FileMaker (such as after plug-in auto-update from FM Server). Having the wrong language strings caused various bugs like inability to search certain windows in Developer Assistant.
  • Fixed documentation: epLicense("uninstallLicense") changed to "removeLicense" and "uninstallAllRegularLicenses" changed to "removeAllRegularLicenses".
  • All plug-ins updated with above fixes and plug-in versions incremented by 0.01
  • Developer Assistant v2.63:
    • Now finds references to field repetitions in scripts such as "MyTable::MyField[2]".
    • Added a few more matches to the "<unknown>" script search including unknown privilege set and missing script in external file in Install OnTimer Script.
    • Fixed a freeze in Windows version when DA tried to close a modified Edit Script window but the user clicked Cancel when asked whether to save script changes, preventing the Edit Script window from closing.
    • Developer Assistant search is now cancelled if a "file not found" dialog comes up due to copying a script during search.
  • Dialog Master v2.37:
    • Progress bar now appears centered on Windows active screen to match behavior on Mac.