Dracoventions News

Developer Assistant Beta 2, Progress Bar, and Variable Improvements

November 28, 2010

Release notes

  • In FileMaker 8 and later, epVar now stores script-scope variables as FileMaker $variables and database-scope variables as FileMaker $$variables.
  • Made 2empowerFM Toolbox more narrow on Macintosh.
  • Added a new hotkey to hide the 2empowerFM Toolbox.
  • Whatever Toolbox tab was selected when FileMaker was last closed is selected again when FileMaker is opened.
  • You may now begin a new 30-day trial period when you install a newer version of a plug-in you've previously tried.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the weekly update check or usage report if a connection could not be established to www.dracoventions.com. The crash does not occur if update check/usage report are both turned off, which they are
    by default.
  • All plug-ins have the changes above applied and their version number incremented by 0.01.
  • Developer Assistant v2.3 Beta:
    • Added support for all non-English languages officially supported by FileMaker.
    • The Find field is no longer disabled when no searchable window is found - only the Find button is disabled.
    • Find now begins at the first line you have selected and a new preference lets you choose if the find continues at the line selected or from the last match.
    • When the toolbox is shown via a hotkey and the Developer Assistant tab is visible, the cursor is moved into the Find field.
    • The find button changes its label to "Find" or "Find Next" depending on whether a search can be continued in a current window.
    • The Find progress bar does not appear unless the search has taken at least half a second.
    • On windows, mark and move list lines now works in the "Specify Field Order for Export" and "Manage Scripts" windows of FM11 and possibly other windows where it did not work reliably before.
    • On Mac, fixed a minor bug that caused the Toolbox to say a search was being performed in "this script" after the first match was found when searching "all scripts". Search results were not affected.
    • Fixed bugs sometimes caused by closing certain windows involved in a Find before the Find was finished.
    • Added light grey quotes around text results shown by the Evaluate button and made the search completed dialog easier to read with stylized text.
    • Find process cleaned up internally with additional error reporting if anything goes wrong.
  • Dialogs Unlimited v2.3
    • Added parameters to hide the cancel button or time estimate of the progress bar.
    • In FileMaker 8 and later, var and varResult control parameters now read and write values to FileMaker $variables when given a script-scope variable and read and write values to FileMaker $$variables when given a database-scope variable.
    • Use of var and varResult dialog parameters with floating dialogs is no longer allowed. Their use could cause problems if the database that originally opened the floating dialog is closed before the floating dialog is closed.