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Developer Assistant Advanced Edition Beta for Windows FileMaker 14

February 23, 2016

Release notes

  • Developer Assistant Advanced edition features are now available for Windows, including Find All and Replace.
  • UI updated to resemble DA 3 UI on OS X and missing features such as search in raw XML are now available.
  • Known problems:
    • Does not work in Windows FM 13 and earlier.
    • Ctrl-V and similar hotkeys don't work in the Toolbox. To paste a search term in the Find box, right click in it and choose 'Paste'.
    • If you try to do anything in another app while FileMaker is moving list lines (the "Mark selected list lines" and "Move marked lines" menu options in the toolbox) you'll get an error that moving lines timed out. This probably can't be fixed other than to show an error that you may not click another app.
  • This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.