Dracoventions News

Developer Assistant RC2 and Non-RC Release of Other Plug-ins

June 22, 2015

Release notes

  • Added epLicense("makeTemporary"; ...) option to install a license temporarily until FileMaker is shut down.
  • Fixed hotkeys not functioning in 64-bit plug-ins using Japanese, Chinese, and Korean keyboards.
  • Developer Assistant v3.0 RC2:
    • Added ability to use $1, $2, $3, etc to refer to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc matched group in a regular expression replacement. See the "Searching with Regular Expressions" section in the PDF manual for details.
    • 'Always on Top' toolbox option is now remembered after closing FileMaker.
    • Fixed beachball spinning on OS X for potentially long periods of time on some systems after searching many scripts. Search is also significantly faster.
    • Rare "Script editor not found in script workspace" error may be fixed.
    • Fixed a number of script step mistranslations.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when an 'If' script step contained corrupted data.
    • Fixed relationships graph search leaving the progress bar visible after search complete under rare conditions.
    • This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.
  • SQL Runner v2.62:
    • epSQLQuoteTime no longer cuts off characters when quoting times greater than 99:60:60.