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2empowerFM Plug-ins for FM 14 are Here

May 16, 2015

FileMaker 14 was a big change and all of our Windows plug-ins needed an update to work with it, as did many of our OS X plug-ins. Previous versions of our 2empowerFM plug-ins will not work with FM 14 on Windows, and many have various problems on OS X, so an upgrade is strongly recommended.

Unfortunately, the release of Developer Assistant for Windows FileMaker 14 has been delayed. Windows FileMaker 14 made a large change in the underlying technology it uses from "win32" to ".NET" and we had to invent a new framework to control this new technology. That framework is currently in use by the new Hands-Free Printer v3.5 and by the "Open Script" button used in all our example databases.

So, Developer Assistant for Windows FileMaker 14 is coming, but we can't provide an ETA as there are always too many unknown factors. We know lots of people are waiting, so Windows DA is our top priority after bug fixes in other plug-ins, and we'll get it out as soon as we can. Please sign up as a beta tester to be one of the first to get it.