Dracoventions News

DA for FM 16 is Out of Beta

May 30, 2017

Developer Assistant v3.2 stable release is now available with FileMaker 16 support. Compared to v3.2 Beta, this fixes a couple bugs in Windows FM 16 and some rare script step mistranslations on Win and Mac. Full release notes are here.

DA 3.2 has major updates to support FM 16, so you will need a license purchased later than Feb 9th, 2016. Users with older licenses will be offered a 30 day free trial when DA is used. You can upgrade your license for a discount by logging in to the Dracoventions store using the email you used to purchase your last license, then visit the DA pricing page to see available discounts.

Other Plug-in Fixes in Windows FileMaker 16

Windows FM 16 removed the main window that used to surround all database windows. This major change caused various errors in many of our plug-ins, so they all received free updates on March 22nd.

The most significant fixes were in Menu Popper, Dialog Master, and Keyboard and Mouse where the location of menus, dialogs, and the location of mouse clicks were miscalculated without the presence of the main window.

New SQL Runner and Script Scheduler Features

Our free SQL Runner and Script Scheduler plug-ins also got some new features:

- Multiple SQL result sets can now exist at the same time so different sets can be processed in nested loops or nested scripts.

- A new dedicated timestamp parameter for when to run scripts makes Script Scheduler easier use in non-American locales.

Full release notes for all plug-ins can be found here.