Dracoventions News

DA 3.1 RC2, HFP, and Plug-in Path Info

August 10, 2016

Release notes

  • epVersion() now supports a "format=Path" argument to get the path to each plug-in.
  • Developer Assistant v3.1 RC2:
    • Replace Chosen in scripts now limits you to 100 or fewer replacements at a time and explains how to save and close all replacements at once if you don't want to double check them all.
    • OS X fixes:
      • FileMaker 15:
        • Fixed error message when you double click a Find All result that refers to a script name when that script is opened in its own window.
        • Potentially worked around a rare problem where FileMaker reports there being no tables to search in the Relationships tab of Manage Database.
      • FileMaker 13 and earlier:
        • Fixed a case where trying to display a match in an Edit Script window that was already opened with the script name focused could display error "Tried to search beyond the size of what can be searched".
      • FileMaker 11:
        • Fixed 'Replace Chosen' getting stuck until Esc was pressed.
        • Now detects focus change to the Edit Script window when opened via double click in Manage Scripts. Previously you had to click something in the Edit Script window before DA would notice you wanted to search that window.
        • No longer leaves script name highlighted in grey after finding a match in the script name, then finding no more matches.
    • Windows fixes:
      • Ctrl-C in 'Find:' field of the Toolbox no longer cuts text instead of copying it.
      • Show one ¶ instead of two ¶¶ for each line break in Find All results.
      • 'Replace' using regular expressions now interprets regex-specific symbols in the 'with:' field of the Toolbox. That means symbols like $1 and \r now work as expected.
      • 'Replace & Find' in a text box with empty 'with:' field no longer sometimes causes the first match in the text box to be found instead of the match after the text just replaced.
      • 'Replace Chosen' no longer skips replacing all but the last line selected when you shift-select or ctrl-select lines in Find All results starting from the bottom instead of from the top.
      • FileMaker 15:
        • Finding a result in a new tab now reliably draws the eye icon on the tab indicating the tab is in preview mode.
    • Fixed a few more rare script step mistranslations in 'Install Menu Set', 'Go to Related Record', 'If', 'Refresh Window', 'Go to Record/Request/Page', 'Insert Picture', 'Insert PDF', 'Save Records as PDF', and others.
    • This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.
  • Hands-Free Printer v3.62:
    • Potentially fixed rare cases of OS X showing an error that certain fields were not found in the Print dialog.
    • This is a free update for licenses purchased May 16, 2014 and later.